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Greyhound photo by John Schofield

A foster story from John & Eileen Schofield

I came home from work the other day and as I was getting out of my ute a lady with a child and a dog on a leash was passing by.The lady said "Are you the man with the greyhounds?"
Of course I replied "Yes that’s right".

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Eileen & John

Eileen & John share their foster journey

Fostering can be a real roller-coaster ride.

Some hounds need more time than others before they are ready for their furever home.
Our first foster hound had come from a local vet practice. He had been there for a couple of weeks, the owner had taken him there to be euthanised but the vet practice negotiated and took his blood a few times and then contacted Friends of the Hound to collect him.

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