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Greyhound Vigil Sydney

Vigil for the Disappeared Greyhounds

On June 27, Greyhound Racing NSW is holding their annual “Greyhound of the Year Award” function at the Fullerton Hotel in Sydney. No doubt they will heap praise upon their chosen trophy dogs who did what they wanted - win races and earn money.

What they won’t talk about at this high-end “gala luncheon” is the thousands of greyhounds who suffer and die at the hands of this cruel industry every single year.

The industry might forget those dogs, but we don’t.

That’s why the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds is holding a vigil at nearby Martin Place at midday, June 27.

Dogs are of course welcome, and there will be a number of rescued greyhounds attending the vigil for you to meet. You will also get the chance to meet other anti-greyhound-racing advocates, and be part of a powerful public protest.
It’s by community action like this that we will put pressure on the industry and reveal just what the ordinary Australian thinks about greyhound racing: that it’s inhumane, outdated, and driven by greed.

Please join us and help us end greyhound suffering. 💔

Note: the event was originally going to take place directly outside of the Fullerton Hotel, but police have advised us we must hold our vigil at Martin Place.
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