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Slow cooker Greyhound Mutt stew

Slow Stew for Hounds

Cook this affordable, nutritious meal for your hound/s in your large slow cooker! A great recipe, particularly in this current craziness. It should feed one hound for up to one week. (However, depending on size of your slow cooker… you may need to reduce amount of ingredients - a smaller slow cooker may only take half the ingredients). 2 whole chickens 1 bag...
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Lynette's hearty hound bake

Lynette’s Hearty hound bake

Lynette has been back in the kitchen experimenting with some tasty hound meals for even the fussiest of Greyhounds. So try this and you'll be the most popular hound mama or papa in your hood :) LYNETTE'S HEARTY HOUND BAKE 2kg of mince, beef, chicken, turkey or any other meat that your dog eats 500g of chicken livers chopped up And or 500g of chicken hearts. I...
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