Video: Happiness is a … Rescued Greyhound

Happiness is a … Rescued Greyhound

Please help us rescue Greyhounds and continue to put pressure on the government to shut down the Greyhound racing industry.

Greyhounds make great pets. There’s nothing better than sharing your life with a rescued greyhound and experiencing the happiness they bring to a home.

Big thanks to Luke at @TheVideoBloke01 for his generous help putting this beautiful video together for us.

Read on for our interview with Luke and find out his first impressions of Greyhounds 🙂


Luke Pudney and Friends of the Hound

Luke Pudney – Videographer

How did you hear about Friends of the Hound?

I first heard about FOTH when Vanessa had messaged me through FaceBook. I’d put a post out offering my videography services to local business and organisations as a way of building my portfolio and gathering experience and Vanessa was one of the people that contacted me saying she was a part of Friends of the hound. We had an initial catch up in which she was able to fully go into what FOTH was all about and the good work that they’re doing.

What made you want to (generously) offer to make a video for us?

What drew me to FOTH was that it was going to be something a little different to the usual cafes and restaurant videos I had been making before. It was for an organisation doing exceptional work and something that I could believe in and that it could offer it’s own unique set of challenges and overall I felt that this is something that could really use a video to help convey it’s message and spread the good work being done.

What were your first impressions of Greyhounds?

Most of what I knew about Greyhounds came from the Simpsons and their pet: Santa’s Little Helper or that they were those dogs that raced, I really didn’t know much about them. But after talking with Vanessa and doing the shoot and meeting many greyhounds, I was so surprised to find out that they’re super chill and almost cat-like dogs. They love a good nap, eating, had no problems socialising with other dogs and are the perfect indoor dog, which I did not expect at all and now I’m just trying to convince my wife that if we’re getting a pet, we’re rescuing a greyhound.

Tell us more about the shoot day and Greyhound day out

It was a great morning, we shot it in the cooler months so the morning air was crisp and most of the greyhounds had their little jackets on to keep them warm and the turn out was amazing, so many people with 1 or more rescue greyhounds all mingling. The story Vanessa and I had come up with was to show viewers, especially people like myself that didn’t know much about greyhounds, exactly what it’s like to have a greyhound. I was so surprised at their behaviour, with so many people and other dogs around they didn’t have a care in the world, I think I heard a bark once, otherwise they were simply socialising or sleeping, it was honestly such a fun morning. So the purpose of the shoot was to simply film them doing them and that’s what we did and everyone involved was very cooperative and friendly, it really created a very relaxed shoot.

One thing you’ll take away with you from your experience with FOTH and the hounds

This has to be the temperament of greyhounds and what it’s like to have them as pets. I remember it used to be law that greyhounds had to be muzzled in public which paints such an awful depiction of such sweet animals. But my eyes have been opened and when my wife and I are finally ready to get ourselves a pet, I definitely want to rescue a greyhound. To have a pet that likes the physical side of things but is also content to be at home, having some naps, having some snacks and looking for affection, it really is the ideal pet. The best way Vanessa described it to me was it’s like a dog version of a cat, just friendlier.

How can people contact you about your video work?

The best way to get in touch with me, would currently be through my Facebook business page: Luke’s Videography, either through DM or a post.

Luke Pudney and Friends of the Hound

Thank you Luke!

We love the way you captured the fun, chill side of our beautiful Hounds.