Where do your donations go?

Three pups in care

Have you ever wondered where your donations to FOTH go?

Most of the money donated to Friends of the Hound pays for vet bills.

We take a lot of broken Greyhounds that no one wants to take on due to the expense of veterinary surgery and treatment.

Currently FOTH Vice President, Lynette, has 3 Greyhound pups in her care. 

Lola is a 16 month old black female who came to us with a broken leg. However 8 weeks post surgery, x-rays revealed that her injury hadn’t yet healed. She is scheduled for further x-rays in 6 weeks and apart from frequent vet visits and a slow healing process, she is doing really well.

McKenna is a sweet fawn pup that is nearly nine months old. She was rescued at 4 months of age with megaesophagus (a developmental disorder that causes regurgitation generally starting at weaning when puppies start to eat solid food). Lucky for McKenna, this has corrected itself with age. However, with such poor nutrition up until she was rescued, she sadly had to have a bilateral tibial tuberosity avulsion fracture repair. This has affected her mobility and general well-being. After 4 weeks of confinement, recent x-rays show that she is recovering well and ready for physio. She will have further x-rays in about 3 weeks and hopefully she will be ready for a loving home soon after!

Beanie is a cute, blue girl of 5 months old. She had an MRI this week revealing a fracture to her patella. Her treatment at this stage is conservative and Lynne Harrison (Greyhound physio) shall work out a physio program for her. Beanie will need 4 weeks of confinement and physio treatment. Then, worst case for her is that she may require specialist surgery to remove a bone fragment.

So all 3 pups are confined together. All of them will be fixed up and get to live happy, normal lives. Thank you to everyone that donates and allows us to help as many of these hounds as we can. 💜

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